Sonorex Oil and Gas Ltd (Sonorex) is an independent oil and gas exploration company established in 2001 to explore for hydrocarbon sources in the Bristol Channel Basin, South Wales. Managed by an experienced technical and financial management team, the Company seeks to develop onshore reserves responsibly whilst maximising their potential.

Drill Site

Oil and gas have been produced onshore in the UK since World War I. Currently there are up to 40 producing oil/gas fields in the UK, often containing several operational sites at each field. Onshore oil and gas exploration and production in the UK is a rapidly growing sector, providing important economic and supply security benefits to the Economy, along with associated growing appreciation of the country's considerable exploration potential.

Licences for all exploration, drilling and production of hydrocarbons are awarded and regulated by DECC (Oil & Gas Authority), the principal regulatory body of the petroleum industry. The application for a PEDL for each block was made after careful analysis of existing seismic lines and well logs revealed possible hydrocarbon traps.

Map of Licence Areas

Geology in the licence area indicating main migration route from a Palaeolozoic source kitchen located in the Bristol Channel and bordering the northern edge of the Variscan front, associated with major oil provinces in northern Africa, the Baltic Region.

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David Barker
Managing Director
Sonorex Oil & Gas Ltd
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01454 800665 / 07882 370808